Know more about Joshua Tree National Park Climbing

As far as history is concerned, rock climbing first started back in late 19th century. For most of the record, it was Colorado where it all began. Colorado being into mountains, people in early days use to go for rock climbing and from there onwards the popularity moved across Colorado and many started coming just for the purpose of rock climbing from various other places.

Previously rock climbing was considered as a part or practice of mountaineering where they use to prepare the path for climbing expeditions. This further came in light during the 1920s specifically in Colorado after other popular places like Great Britain and Germany. People across the globe started coming along side with passion for rock climbing. By that time, rock climbing picked up on the every growing popularity in the United States. Have a look at joshua tree national park climbing for more info on this

Although anyone could go for a rock climbing expedition, the authorities placed two types of rock climbing methods for those who would want things to go a smoother way. These were the Aid climbing and the Free climbing method. Free climbing was mainly used for rock climbing on your own until people came to know about the Aid climbing method where you will be given all the assistance you require for your climbing expedition. If people are unable to climbing freely then they can opt for the climbing aid and someone from the authorities would assist them further because there can be stages which might become dangerous and with the help of Aid climbing, you can very well protect yourself from skidding or tumbling.

Also, as the sport started to gain importance in United States, during mid 1960s many rock climbers found that the Piton which is used to aid the climbing was in fact damaging the rocks. With further investigations and research lead to the much appreciated invention of the slinging machine nuts which can be used instead of pitons. People still wondered if the aid climbing and free climbing methods were copied from France. During 1820s France was the first place which had these two methods being used and recognized by rock climbers. Both methods were combined and preferred by the climbers which use to reduce the difficulty level and lead the free yet safe rock climbing.


As more and more enthusiast gained interest in rock climbing, United States became there favorite place. During 1970s with such a drastic increase in overall rock climbers, United States became the world leader in rock climbing which later became a professional sport with many sponsors. People took this sport as a life time career and made world records, recognition and earned their living from it. Lots and lots of climbers started discovering new paths and inventing new equipments that would make their journey easy and comfortable. People started wearing specific dress like the 5.11 tactical pants to keep up necessary things or tools, 5.11 tactical gears to keep hooks, nails etc which are necessary during expedition. Some even kept bianchi holsters to keep guns or other gears which might be needed at times.